Information for Our Wake County Tenants & Prospective Tenants

Why rent from Oak City Properties

Thank you for choosing an Oak City Property for your next home! Oak City Properties is dedicated to providing high quality properties combined with an exceptional management experience. Should you need anything please do not hesitate to contact us.


Tenant Tips For Renting Residential Property

Raleigh is a top 20 market for renting properties according to market hub. Currently the market is very quick with the good listings being taken in a matter of a couple of weeks after coming on the market.

With that in mind,  click here to learn some things to do to help you be a good prospective tenant.

Prospective Tenants

When you choose an Oak City Property you are choosing the best that this market has to offer.

If you are just beginning your search please visit our Available Properties Page and begin the search for your next home. Once you locate a specific property please contact Oak City Properties to set up a showing. You can also feel free to use the contact us page to ask questions “about our” properties as well.

Pending Applicants

If you have already submitted your application and have not received the response from the listing agent as to whether you have been approved, please allow 1-2 business days after you have submitted your application for response. Please note that Oak City Properties does not approve or deny potential tenants, the property owner has the final decision. Oak City Properties must also complete the full background check including verification of employment and checking prior landlord references which can take time. If you have not had a response within 3 business days please contact your Oak City Properties Representative.

Approved Applicants

If you have already submitted an Application and have been approved for your Oak City Property and have a question, please contact your Oak City Property Leasing Representative directly.

If you have signed your lease, you only need to remember to transfer ALL utilities into your name prior to the first day of your lease. It can take up to 3 days for the Utility Company to turn on your utilities so PLEASE do not wait until the day of your move in.

See the Wake County Utility Information page for contact information.

You also want to make sure and remember that you will need to have your security deposit in CERTIFIED FUNDS ready on your move in date in order to receive your move in packet and keys.

Current Tenant

Information here about being a current tenant.